FREEPORT, TX NM South of Freeport, TX (42019)

Conditions for Tuesday

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Current Weather/Wave Observations

Air Temperature: ° F
Wind direction (W Dir): ()
Wind Speed (W Spd): kts ( )
Dominant Wave Period (DWP): 3 sec
Dominant Wave Height (DWH): 1.97 ft
Dominant Wave Range (DWR): exactly 2.0 ft

Updated: 8:40 PM CDT on June 14, 2019

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Current Wave Detail Observations

Water Depth: 266 ft
Wave Height: 2.07 ft
Spectral Peak Period: 3.2 sec
Average Wave Period: 3.4 sec
Sampling Interval: 0.6 sec
Wave Record: 2400 sec

Updated: 9:00 PM CDT on June 14, 2019

Weather and Wave Data

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Detailed Wave Spectra

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